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group samples_page

Sample applications and screenshots.

Several samples that are included in the PJSIP distributions. The screenshots below were taken on a Windows machine, but the library is very portable and it is known to run on platforms such as Linux, MacOS X, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and so on.

  • ice_demo, an interactive ICE endpoint This sample demonstrates how to use ICE stream transport without using signaling protocol such as SIP. It provides interactive user interface to create and manage the ICE sessions as well as to exchange SDP with another ice_demo instance.pjproject/pjnath/docs/xml/ice_demo.jpg

  • pjturn-client, a sample TURN client This sample demonstrates how to use TURN client transport and also STUN-aware socket transport. It provides interactive user interface to manage allocation, permissions, and channel bindings.pjproject/pjnath/docs/xml/pjturn_client.jpg

  • TURN server sample

    This is a simple sample TURN server application, which we mainly use for testing (as back then there is no TURN server available).

    The source code for this application are in directory.