See Adding FFMPEG support.

Integrating libyuv

See https://github.com/pjsip/pjproject/issues/1937

Video conferencing

Video key frame transmission

Video quality troubleshooting

For video quality problems, the steps are as follows:

  1. For lack of video, check account’s AccountVideoConfig, especially the fields autoShowIncoming and autoTransmitOutgoing. More about the video API is explained in Video Users Guide.

  2. Check local video preview using PJSUA API as described in Video Users Guide-Video Preview API.

  3. Since video requires a larger bandwidth, we need to check for network impairments as described in Checking Network Impairments. The document is for troubleshooting audio problem but it applies for video as well.

  4. Check the CPU utilization. If the CPU utilization is too high, you can try a different (less CPU-intensive) video codec or reduce the resolution/fps. A general guide on how to reduce CPU utilization can be found here: FAQ-CPU utilization.