Audio device API

Audio device tuning


Audio latency benchmark

Audio quality troubleshooting

If you experience any problem with the audio quality, you may want to try the steps below:

  1. Follow the guide: Test the sound device using pjsystest.

  2. Identify the sound problem and troubleshoot it using the steps described in: Checking for sound problems.

It is probably easier to do the testing using lower level API such as PJSUA since we already have a built-in pjsua sample app located in pjsip-apps/bin to do the testing. However, you can also do the testing in your application using PJSUA2 API such as local audio loopback, recording to WAV file as explained in the Media chapter previously.

Integrating 3rd party media

Intel IPP codecs integration

OpenCore AMR codecs integration

OPUS codec

Tone generator

WebRTC integration